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Re:IMAGINE - a megaten online multifandom game

Re : I M A G I N E

In the aftermath of the Great Destruction, those who survived constructed shelters, waiting for the day when they would rebuild their city.

Led by the Seven Philosophers, some of these survivors constructed a massive tower. This tower was called Shinjuku Babel. While the others retreated underground and constructed a refugee city known as Third Home.

These shelters provided protection from the demons who had invaded the area after the tragedy and continued their onslaught on anyone who'd come up from hiding.

This is where you come in.

Tokyo needs more Demon Busters to fight off the demons by working along side demons you have befriended or negotiated with. Your only choices are to stand and fight, or run and hide. Either way, you cannot forever ignore the conflicts going on in this world.

But you are not alone. People from different worlds have been pulled from their homes for the same reason. Together, whether cooperating, competing or clashing, you have to live and survive with these strangers and friends.

There has also sprung up two schools of thought: the Order of Messiah who believe in strict law and helping the weak while the Cult of Gaia who enforce free will and the strength of power. Tensions between the two factions run high as they both try to rise to power and lure you to their side.

And there is still unanswered questions: Why were you all brought here? For what purpose does your presence serve?

Now be wary. Not all is as it seems.

Re:IMAGINE is a plot based multi-fandom and OC-friendly RPG inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series with a heavy emphasis on the MMORG, Megaten Online: Imagine.

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Game starts April 2, but apps and reserves open now! We also have a quick poll over here.