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Rose Orphanage ; Panfandom AU RP

&Everlasting, True Love, I am yours;

Based upon the game Rule of Rose, Rose Orphanage is an orphanage located in England. It is a secluded establishment wreaked with corruption and bullying. The children rule over the adults. Lies, deceit and make believe are all allowed within its walls.
Underneath the layers of the orphanage lies a club titled Red Crayon Aristocrat Society. In it, various acts of cruelty are conducted. Monthly gifts are asked of all but the Princess of the Red Rose. Gifts can range from animals to toys to beautiful objects. Punishment is given out to those that do not comply with the rules and do not give their gratitude to the club.
Can you survive the bullying and horrid conditions of the orphanage? Or will you succumb to the childish acts of violence?

For more information on the RP, please refer to this page...

&Important Links;

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